Very quick to respond. Extremely happy with the service.

Chris, Yorkshire – February 2014

The overall service and guidance provided has been excellent. Speed of response and production of documentation has been extremely impressive.

Tracy, West Sussex – January 2014

Bully is definitely the best legal adviser I’ve ever met and even heard of. Not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but very efficient, energetic, warm-hearted and kind! He’s drafted two documents for me, which were both over my satisfaction. I would not hesitate at all to recommend his service to those of my friends who are planning to regulate the ownership of their properties. This is a genuine compliment from a genuine client.

James, London – January 2014

I found our adviser very helpful and VERY quick to reply to queries and produce the documentation. Having not dealt with the legal sector for quite some time I was expecting the process to be more onerous and more costly!. I am very pleased with the cost and the service provided.

Eric, Somerset – January 2014

I have recommended you already! I was very impressed in the speed of the reply to my email from Bully and the amount of information provided. Once I filled in the application form the process was not only easy, but simple and fast too. Thanks Bully.

Amanda, Oxfordshire – January 2014

Very happy, extremely fast and helpful service.

Mr Kassim, Salford – January 2014

Fantastic value. The service was fast and response times nothing short of excellent. Questions were answered quickly and in a well-informed manner.

John, Oxford – December 2013

I was very impressed both by the speed and service of Deed of Trust, from my initial inquiry my options were spelt out and everything explained and once I had given instructions my documents were prepared within 24 hours and are very well drafted. Also the expense was minimal with a solicitor quoting me over £500 for the same documentation. I would not hesitate to use Deed of Trust again.

Lee, Middlesex – December 2013

I was skeptical at first about using an online company. However the advice I received via email from Bully was excellent and I instantly felt reassured. The service I received was excellent and I would not hesitate to use this company again or to recommend them. They are fantastic. Before contacting Deedoftrust I had contacted local solicitors in my area but they only seemed able to prepare a document that was nothing more than a tick box exercise and did not cover what I needed. Bully had this sorted within days. Thank you Bully

Julie, Crewe – December 2013

I rang initially for info to see whether I needed to  have a deed of trust and was lucky to get Bully as my adviser. He was very helpful, friendly, didn’t try and push your services and most importantly, did not hassle me thereafter with phone calls or emails. I felt he gave his time willingly on the phone with no strings attached. I also trusted him and that he knew what he was talking about. When I came to do this, he was already there and it was very easy and incredibly quick. I had the document within 3 days. Thank you Bully.

Karen, Altrincham – November 2013