About Us

Who are we?

The company was formed in response to client demands asking for ways in which to legally define the way in which a property is owned and dealt with.

The site is operated and run by conveyancing specialists who deal in a wide variety of residential and commercial property. Knowledge and expertise has been accumulated over the last decade through a varied housing market both in the good times and the not so good times.

The economy as a whole, and the housing market in particular, has experienced a troublesome period. In our experience it is in times like these that we need to protect and control our interests especially those related to property. We are now in the advantageous position of being able to offer our invaluable expertise to those who need it most. A Deed of Trust is one way in which all parties to a property transaction can feel assured that their interests, both financial and personal, are being protected in the most efficient way.

For a small charge clients are provided with the peace of mind that a legal agreement exists that clearly defines their individual contributions and shares in relation to a property and/or also defines other responsibilities and obligations if necessary.

We are a legal services company who engage a variety of personnel in order to produce, what we feel are, the best and most comprehensively drafted deeds on the market. All of our advisers work in the legal property sector and most are solicitors or licensed conveyancers, all of our advisers have degrees in law (LLB) and have extensive experience (at least 10 years!) of producing complex deeds of trust.

As a company we do not offer any professional indemnity with regard to the deeds we create for our clients. We would not be able to offer such competitively priced deeds if we did! We have taken the advice of Counsel over the issue and the decision was made that there is no need to have this in place due to the nature of what is being produced, being in essence, the formalisation of an arrangement between contracting parties. The intention of the parties is paramount and will be given credence when being examined at court hence the only variable, in terms of risk assessment, is the correct execution of the deed, and in this regard we advise that clients execute deeds by following our thorough instructions. If clients so wish they can execute our deeds before a solicitor for that additional peace of mind although doing so before an independent witness (such as a work colleague or neighbour) is just as adequate and in fact the majority of our clients do just this. We do recommend that our clients seek independent legal advice in relation to the deed that is produced. As long as deeds are executed correctly and in accordance with our instructions together with any necessary restrictions placed on the title of the property at the Land Registry the deeds will be fully legally binding and will be presentable at a court of law in England and Wales.

If you would like more information please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with the adviser assigned to your matter.

Why choose us

We have been established in the area of Deeds of Trust for over a decade and have produced deeds covering a multitude of different situations, always to our clients satisfaction.

  • Dynamic easy to use application form
  • Turnaround time of under 2 working days
  • Completion of Land Registry Forms
  • Friendly & helpful Advisor team
  • Excellent customer feedback


Speed - 100%
Quality - 9.5/10
Cost - Very Competitive
Service - Excellent
Recommend to Others - 99%