Our bespoke drafted deeds are offered at a fixed fee guarantee of £150 plus disbursements. You won’t find a better deal for a personally designed deed anywhere! We accept various forms of payment including debit/credit cards and bank transfer payments all via our Paypal portal.

We do not charge more for the drafting of more complicated deeds so you can be sure of the cost from the outset. The only caveat here is if we are instructed to or we recommend that you proceed on the basis of a Form B or Form N type restriction (or similar) which may be appropriate in particular circumstances. Please contact us if you require further information in this regard.

Depending on your circumstances your advisor may recommend that you apply for the entry of a restriction on the title of the subject property at the land registry. If this is a straightforward restriction in Form A then the land registry do not charge, the same applies if you wish to sever any joint tenancy. Your advisor will inform you if there could potentially be charges levied by the land registry but this is very rare and these charges would be payable by you directly to the land registry and not to us as we only charge for the preparation of your deed.

Details of when your deed will be available will be emailed to you upon receiving your completed Application Form, although we aim to have a draft deed ready for your approval within two working days.